These 5 Support Shoes Will Make You Able To Stand All Day Like It’s Nothing

For those that have high arched feet, arch support gives you stability. For those who have flat feet, arch support gives the ability to walk without your knees giving you hell. If you spent enough of your time without them and walked a lot in your life, there’s a good chance you got in a condition where your feet used to develop blisters, or you ended up having plantar fasciitis. We’ll provide you a list for the best shoes correcting your feet condition.

Support Shoes To Stand All Day

Nike Women’s Free 4.0 Flyknit


A good support shoe needs cushioned insoles for getting to the arch of your feet and help it while being also flexible. The Nike Flyknit system is their flagship sole support device for adapting to your feet conformation and supporting it in whatever condition. They are soft and flexible, making them also easy to pack if you are taking them with you while travelling. Most people with preexisting conditions, varying from blisters to micro-fractures, report that the feet is not only relieved from the stress of walking, but also from the aches other shoes provide. And even if your feet are just fine, these shoes are perfect for running!


Adidas Performance Adipower Weightlift


Combining the support structure in the heel, the single, strong strap in the instep, and the vent flow outsole opening, this men’s running shoe is meant to fit for people that have to stand in one place for long times. It’s in fact designed for actual weightlifting and not for long walks, as they are quite tight on the tip from the sides and above. It gives you great stability, even amongst its kind, you’ll feel like you can sleep while standing. Which, if you are working, we’d advice against doing.

Salomon Women’s Speedcross 3


These very colored trail running shoes are meant for cold winter days, more than for Californian people on summer. They are going to protect you from the extreme cold while holding your plant in the right place. If you need to walk on uneven ground, dirt or snow, these shoes are your 4×4 battle equipment. There are two different versions in the market: the XS and the CS, being different in the fact that the second one provides a waterproof breathable membrane, so you can wear them also when it rains.

OOFOS OOriginal


Ok, running, standing, facing snow, dirt, thunderstorms… But what if I just want to stay at home and watching TV? Well, here’s some good sandals thought just for that. They’re made of foam and have a good soft rubber sole. Most people prefer it to actual orthopedics shoes for their ease of use and added comfort. Plus they cost way less than orthopedics flip flop, so there’s that.

Ariat Women’s Fatbaby


Last of the list is a cowgirl boot shoe. Fashionable and comfortable, performing good for any kind of farm activity, it is the perfect pair for the country women who look for comfort.

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