You Are Gonna Love These Shoes For Standing When You Try Them

Every profession has its own ups and down. It might be fun to be a teacher, or working at a starbucks, or even being a mascot, but all these jobs have one very peculiar pain in common. They all require standing for long periods of time. Maybe your posture is not correct, and you can work on it, but maybe you just have the wrong equipment at your feet. You should never underestimate a good purchase for your footwear, both in terms of durability, but mostly for the correct support to your standing position. When, every evening, you get back to work and you will feel less tiredness, you’ll notice. Here’s 5 models that may be the right ones for you.

Shoes For Standing all day

Dansko Men’s Professional Oiled Leather Clog


Clogs have been invented for a reason, and that reason is be orthopedically perfect for the needs of the people who have to stand up or walk 12-hours a day for a living. So, if you think Crocs were a fashion faux-pas, this is the answer to your complaints. They’re made of leather on the visible side, so they look professional. But they are very easy to slip on and off from, too.

Timberland Pro Women’s Renova Pewter Clog


Women have always had a larger choice in fact of clothes and shoes, and the clogs market is significantly wider for the ladies. This may come as a dizzying choice, but that’s what we’re here for. This clogs by Timberland have their own shock absorption, stain resistance, arch support features that you are going to need, especially if you work in healthcare.

MBT Women’s Maliza Oxford


MBT calls itself the anti-shoe, in the sense that its creator Karl Müller wanted the shoe to make you feel like you’re walking barefoot on the East African Savannah, right after he found out that it was the perfect kind of terrain not only to relieve momentary pain, but also to improve the posture and eliminate possible problems you might already have. Plus, the company went bankrupt lately, so you might be able to snatch them at a good bargaining price from the stores that still have them in stock and would get rid of them.


Reebok Men’s Daily Cushion 2.0 RS


Reebok tends to be the “go to” shoe for people who needs a good support while standing/walking/running on concrete or other hard grounds, this is one of their entry level shoe, and it does wonders for your lower appendages. For some reason, the pictures do not make it justice and you better go see it for yourself. They have the ability to feel roomy but not slippery, so your legs will feel in the evening the same they felt in the morning, even if you spent your day walking from place to place.


Gravity Defyer Women’s Hannah Casual Shoes


These Gravity Defiers have their own Versoshock Sole System which makes them perfect, evenif you have plantar issues.

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