Best Shoes For Teachers Standing All Day

Shoes For Standing all day

Teachers have it rough, dealing with the youngest people capable to speak, outnumbered by the dozens and at times by the hundreds, they have to deal with a lot of issues: bureaucratic, human, scientific, you name it. There are three things a teacher needs to fend correctly and with a minimal stress level for his job. Two of them are a good voice and a good mind, and we can only … [Read more...]

Best Tennis Shoes For Standing All Day

Best Tennis Shoes For Standing All Day

When your profession asks you to be around sporting people, but you yourself don't have to move around much, you might need comfortable tennis shoes to be dressed for the occasion while wearing something that is useful, good looking and won't cause pain on your feet. Today we're going to guide you through the best tennis shoes for standing all day, both for men and women, … [Read more...]

These 5 Support Shoes Will Make You Able To Stand All Day Like It’s Nothing

Support Shoes To Stand All Day

For those that have high arched feet, arch support gives you stability. For those who have flat feet, arch support gives the ability to walk without your knees giving you hell. If you spent enough of your time without them and walked a lot in your life, there's a good chance you got in a condition where your feet used to develop blisters, or you ended up having plantar … [Read more...]

You Are Gonna Love These Shoes For Standing When You Try Them

Best Shoes For Teachers Standing All Day

Every profession has its own ups and down. It might be fun to be a teacher, or working at a starbucks, or even being a mascot, but all these jobs have one very peculiar pain in common. They all require standing for long periods of time. Maybe your posture is not correct, and you can work on it, but maybe you just have the wrong equipment at your feet. You should never … [Read more...]

If You Need To Stand On Concrete All Day, We Have The Best Shoes For You


Working on concrete is a tough job, and we understand that your work is the main source of your livelihood? It might be also satisfying at times. For sure, it is not when you take off your shoes at the end of the shift. But we can help you with that and have recommendations for when you need to stand on concrete all day. Today's footwear technology comes with a lot of working … [Read more...]